Web Browser Cookies

This site is now making use of cookies in an experimental fashion. A "cookie" is a unique piece of data generated by a web site, that is stored on your computer. Each time you access that web site, the contents of the cookie are sent back to the web site.

This means that the web server can be aware that you've visited before, and you're returning - or perhaps loading up another page on the same site. Many web sites make use of cookies for analysis of their traffic, and some also use cookies in useful ways, like "remembering" data that you've previously entered to that web site, so you don't need to enter it all again.

What cookies can't do

Think of a cookie as a unique tag that you get when you walk into a shop. When you return to that shop another time, you display that tag. Fairly harmless.

Cookies can NOT, by themselves, reveal any personal details about you or your computer's setup. Cookies do not contain executable code and cannot be used for infecting your computer with a virus. Cookies cannot tell if more than one person is using the computer to access a web site, unless they are using personal profiles with separate cookie databases. If you delete the cookies database, uninstall your browser, or use a different browser to access the site, no cookie will be available to send to the web site, and a new cookie will be assigned.

Use of cookies on this site

Currently this site just logs cookie data associated with visits to www.rowan.sensation.net.au, however I felt I should create this page in case your browser starts mentioning anything about cookies when you access this site.

For more information, see the Netscape cookie specification.