Interesting links.
Most of these links were discovered by typing common dictionary words into a search engine and scanning over the summary of results for interesting looking sites. The bulk of the work is in reviewing the site and doing the write-up, rather than actually finding it in the first place.

Commercial sites are generally not listed here, although there may be some exceptions if they are particularly witty or weird. Most of these are personal or special interest sites.

Sites are listed in order of popularity - the sites which get clicked on below the most appear first.

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Morbid Fact Du Jour!
453 accesses since 13 October, 1999
Morbid facts - how people die horrible or bizarre deaths, and other gems such as: Analysis of the "Black Box" recordings from airline crashes shows that the most common last words are the ever-poetic, "Oh, Shit!!!". There's a lot of content on this site and it's well worth spending some time to read through all of the archives.

The Movie Sounds Page: Wav files, Movie Sound clips, sound bites & more!
359 accesses since 13 October, 1999
Many sounds sampled directly from movies. Includes transcription of speech and associated sounds. Ideal for startup or error sounds! Warning, some of these may have offensive content.

Dark and Gruesome Links
318 accesses since 21 February, 2000
By the same person who bought you Morbid Fact Du Jour, a list of around 100 gruesome sites. Death, crime, gore, history, cemetaries... you want it, they got it.

Misunderstood Lyrics
236 accesses since 13 October, 1999
For those who like to sing along to Nirvana or Pearl Jam and get it completely wrong. Read people's accounts of mistaken and misheard lyrics, along with the correct lyrics. Ever sung a song daily in your shower and then discovered (often in an embarrassing way) that you got a word or even entire sentence wrong? Look towards the bottom of the main page to bypass all of the advertising and plugs.

Dr. Bob's Nifty Little List of Web Sites
203 accesses since 13 October, 1999
A massive list of over 2,700 WWW links in about 23 alphabetically sorted categories. It was last updated 3 days before my visit so hopefully it is still being maintained regularly. Going to the root index page of this site was a little disappointing, with only a link to the list plus an email address. Who or what is Dr. Bob?

Kool-Aid FAQ
183 accesses since 13 October, 1999
From the Usenet newsgroup alt.drinks.kool-aid comes the Kool-Aid FAQ - everything you wanted to know about Kool-Aid and even more. A brief history, the flavours it comes in, even an Atari 2600 Kool-Aid Man computer game. Judging by the size of this FAQ I am assuming some people have a lot of spare time on their hands, or alternatively a strong devotion to their love of Kool-Aid, or perhaps an overdose of food colouring. If you have a news reader, take a peek into alt.drinks.kool-aid!

Chat with the Sensation Bot
169 accesses since 03 August, 2000
A plug for one of my own, this is a simple computer program that you can chat with in real time. Although it is inherently stupid, a lot of the time it manages to come back with suitably witty responses. It learns from what you type it; the more people who use it, the more diverse it becomes.

D.U.D.s -- Database of Unsafe Driving
167 accesses since 14 April, 2000
This potentially controversial site lists number plates and details of the various offences that the drivers of the cars have committed. If you've ever been a victim of road rage then you'll probably be nodding your head, or sighing softly, as you browse these incidents.

Ghost Sites
153 accesses since 13 October, 1999
A site with a cult following that lists so-called "ghost" sites - those that have not been updated for a considerable about of time. Updates with new ghost sites are regularly released, and you can view archives of the older releases. For a while it looked like this site may have ended up there!

138 accesses since 13 October, 1999
A site that's light on graphics but certainly not light on humour. Content comes from a variety of bizarre people. Have a look at "Grouse Site of the Day" for a similar site to this one.

How Stuff Works
133 accesses since 13 October, 1999
Learn about dizzying concepts such as how rocket engines work, how televisions work, or how nuclear radiation works. A good site to throw young children at - although be warned, this may actually cause them to ask you a barrage of extra questions that the site doesn't answer!

1st Church of Pac-Man
131 accesses since 13 October, 1999
Are you a fan of Pac-Man? A follower of the legend? A worshipper of the great God? Come to the First Church of Pac-Man! Read about the forthcoming Playstation game, Pac-Man tattoos and techno tracks, and Pac-Man pictures and memorabilia.

The Canonical List of WEIRD Band Names
123 accesses since 13 October, 1999
Someone who obviously has a lot of time on their hands, this is a well matured list of over 1,300 weird band names. Warning, a lot of these names might be considered offensive, but for most of us that's probably the most funny thing.

the outlandish adventures of stick man
121 accesses since 13 October, 1999
Part of a site that appears to be called "blender in a hot cuppa," this is a set of very basic but witty cartoons. My favourite is episode 3, "stick man finds his shoulders." There's a link to the root page near the bottom.

The Archive of Misheard Lyrics
108 accesses since 13 October, 1999
Another site which delves again into the habits of perfectly normal human beings who wail along to songs, and get the words very wrong. Have a read of the explanation of the address of the site. This site unfortunately contains a big dirty banner ad staring at you for the entire time you're accessing the it. Also a lot less fun if you don't have a frames capable browser.

Strawberry Pop-Tart Blow-Torches
97 accesses since 13 October, 1999
A slightly dated but still entertaining account of how to overcook PopTarts in a toaster and cause them to emit high temperature flames. Read a blow by blow description of the entire experiment, with followup comments by others towards the bottom.

Essential Oils Directory
92 accesses since 13 October, 1999
As the title implies, this page has information on about 60 different essential oils. Now you know exactly how to choose what scent should waft through your nasal passages, or what you should tip into your next bath. But take care, and heed the warnings! Page also contains links to other "natural" products.

85 accesses since 13 October, 1999
As the header says, "The not always serious, not always weekly, update on the High-Tech Industry". Has some interesting stories, like the man who was terrified of drowning and wore inflatable underpants to try to prevent this happening - unfortunately they were accidentally activated in a crowded train.

The Monster Makers
78 accesses since 11 February, 2000
Are you into making monsters? Perhaps you're not, but you are curious about how it's all done. Although this is a commercial site, there's some pretty entertaining stuff on it.

The Game of Life FAQ
77 accesses since 13 October, 1999
Most people probably would have heard of the Game of Life. This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document contains information on where to find simulators for various computers and operating systems, then gets rather technical! There is a link to a comprehensive page about the Game of Life just below the contents.

A Short IRC Primer
75 accesses since 13 October, 1999
Ever wondered what Internet Relay Chat (IRC) was all about? This primer is definitely not short, but seems reasonably complete, with sections on behaviour, your privacy, basic IRC commands, channels, modes, etc. However, it doesn't mention at all the most popular client used on IRC today - mIRC for Microsoft Windows. Perhaps this 2 year old document is due for an update?

ROCKTOYS - Concert Collectibles and Music Memorabilia
74 accesses since 13 October, 1999
After a piece of your favourite band or artist? How about an Aerosmith pass, an Earth Wind and Fire t-shirt, a Barry Manilow tourbook, or a Marilyn Manson calendar? Even if you're not into buying things over the net, sifting through the lists is worth a laugh or two.

Cosmopolitan Online: Agony
73 accesses since 13 October, 1999
Hear the female world moan and complain about their relationship problems, and read the "you go girl!" type advice given in return. But seriously, this is an interesting site to read, although some of the advice seems to be a little questionable, like leaving your wallet at home to force your partner to pay? Also contains links to other Cosmo advice columns. You go girl!

Welcome to the Rough Guide to Rock
68 accesses since 08 April, 2000
An electronic version of a published book, this site has thousands of artists and bands listed, with a comprehensive history and discography of each. Some entries are a little dated as the book was published in late 1996, but many contain updates beyond this date. An excellent site with quality content.

RedDog69's Guide to the WWW
57 accesses since 06 November, 2001
Another BIG list of web sites, neatly categorised. "Total links: a whole bunch"