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Toffee IRC client for DOS

Released Monday 7th August 2000. This is an early beta of an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client for DOS, which works with any packet driver, using a TCP/IP stack TSR. The client itself is compiled with MoonRock. Goodies to pick up:

The actual IRC client. This will work as-is with an existing packet driver, such as an ethernet shim or SLIP/PPP driver.


Klos Technologies PPP driver, for use with Toffee and other packet driver applications (DOS). See PPP.TXT in the Toffee archive for information on how to set up the driver.

Jaffa WWW server for DOS

Another DOS program, and again written and compiled with MoonRock. This is a simple WWW server I wrote due to lack of memory on the unix box to run a WWW server there. Note that this server has been tested down to a 286-10 PC (it will probably run on an 8086 original PC), and performs well even at LAN speeds. It has a couple of unusual features when compared with a typical WWW server:

* No config file! Web pages live off \WWW, CGI-BIN utilities resides in current dir. Later versions will have a config file as complexity grows.
* Supports CGI-BIN utilities external to the server which take input from a couple of info files generated by the server, and return information in a temporary file which is then sent to the remote end by the server. One example of such a utility can be found at REQUEST.MOO is about 57 lines of code.
* Real time display of the last 10 log lines, current instananeous connections, and last object/source address/time.
* Attempts ident query to system directly requesting the page. Future versions will be more agressive with ident and will try to query the ultimate source (if going via a proxy). runs Jaffa as its WWW server.

I've had a lot of queries about this WWW server so I see no harm in putting it online. Grab it HERE. if you are interested in a copy.