Central Victoria - 23rd-25th October 1999

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House at Murrindindi and surrounding area

A house in Murrindindi is where we spent our evenings, although most of the days we were out travelling. The house has 3 bedrooms and is fully furnished, and the property has a river running right through it with cattle fields on each side for extra atmosphere. To drive from the city takes about 2 hours.

Rowan at the fireplace next to the river.

View of Murrindindi Rd, with old tree on the left.

Sun setting on Saturday evening.

Kinglake National Park

This is a massive national park split into several different sections, so many that I've lost track of exactly which part most of the shots were taken in! A normal camera does not do justice to the size of Masons Falls, it is huge.

On the way to Murrindindi, passing through Kinglake.

Masons Falls in Kinglake National Park.

Brooke resting on a seat on one of the walking tracks.

Further up another track, not so wide and a little more rugged.

Some of the trees and plants next to the track.

Lake Eildon

We didn't end up visiting the lake or the national park this time, but we down to and around Eildon. This is what we saw on the way...

On the way down to Lake Eildon (note the background)

Snob's Creek Falls

This was discovered by accident on the way back from Eildon - I saw a sign that said "way to falls" and I thought I'd drive up and see if there was anything interesting. What we found, after a lengthy and very dusty trip, was a magnificent and very beautiful waterfall which I hope you'll enjoy. Again a standard "narrow angle" camera lense does not do this justice, I'll have to fiddle around with a panoramic camera...

A little gully we found next to the road on the way up.

Another view.

Brooke relaxing on a seat/barrier just next to the falls (out of pic)

Snob's Creek Falls.

Snob's Creek Falls.

Snob's Creek Falls.

Snob's Creek Falls.