Redesdale - 4th-5th March 2000

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Turpins Falls

These beautiful falls are a short drive off the beaten track off Redesdale Road, near Kyneton. The track leads to both the top and bottom of the falls. There is a large pool, almost a lagoon, at the bottom. I'd love to get a boat into there...

Nice high shot on the way down to the bottom.

A little further down, showing some of the surrounding landscape.

Down at the bottom water level, with a good shot of the pool and falls.

Right at the top, about half a metre from the edge. From this angle the distance to the lower pool doesn't look too far, but it's at least 5 metres drop!

Some more current images of Turpin's Falls from Fading Victoria:
(Also includes surrounding areas such as Malmsbury, Redesdale etc.)

1. Top of Turpin's Falls - Langley, Victoria, Australia
2. It's a long way to the top - Langley, Victoria, Australia
3. Pool at Turpin's Falls - Langley, Victoria, Australia