Camping near Noojee & Toorango Falls - 21st-23rd April 2000

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Noojee and Toorango Falls camp area

The camping area where we stayed was on Toorango Falls Road, a short distance from Noojee, which is about 100km drive from Melbourne. The falls were only a 2 minute drive up the road and we had a stream running almost right next to our tents.

Welcome to Noojee!

A shot of where we camped, showing the nice camp fire the group had going. Our 4 man tent, which we have since returned for a better quality one, is the small silver dome style in the middle of the photo.

This is the stream that was running right near our camp site, about 20m from our tent.

Noojee Historic Trestle Bridge

This is the only remaining bridge out of seven others from the old railway between Noojee and Nayook. As you can see the railway no longer exists...

View from one side of the bridge.

Things look very small when you're standing in the middle, looking down...

Side shot showing the wooden supports and the sheer height of the bridge.

Toorango Falls

Toorango Falls has 2 separate tracks from the parking area. On day 1 we went right, but turned back because it was very steep and it was raining. There wasn't much opportunity for photos, with only some large falls viewable in the distance at one lookout. On day 2 we ventured left and saw a lot more scenery, but we still had to turn back because of the muddy ground - it was getting too dangerous. The whole weekend was pretty muddy, although the rain really brings out the colours and makes for some splendid shots.

This one is my favourite, experimenting with longer exposure times.

This shot shows another area, along with what looks like a frisbee lodged in the rocks.

This was taken from a bridge near the parking area. A bit of camera shake :-(, but you can barely notice it.

Daredevil on wet rocks taking photos of fast moving water...

Another nice shot with a longer exposure time.

Lots of good spots to take pictures along here!

Brooke soaking up some scenery.

This one worked really well: lots of greenery, pretty moss and white water.

A really tall set of trees just near the start of the walking tracks.

Dead Car

Approximately 5 minutes after we left the Toorango Falls camp area for home, I heard a strange "clunk" and the engine of the car stalled about 30 seconds later. We were fairly lucky as another one from our group happened to be heading home a few minutes later, so he was able to go back for help. Another one in a group was a mechanic and he guessed correctly that it was the timing belt. Unfortunately, it was a Sunday, and not just any Sunday - Easter Sunday! The next day was a public holiday, and even on Tuesday many shops would be closed. We were also 100km from home. Anyway, we managed to get a lift home, find the replacement part over the next couple of days, and catch a train out to Drouin where the car had been towed. Our mechanic friend was heading home that day, so he very kindly came through Drouin and installed the new timing belt for us. Thanks, Kev!

It's not the most reliable car, but this was the first time something "terminal" happened to it, and it had to be towed.

Late afternoon shot of Drouin station, our car is fixed and we are about to head home!