There's quite a few pictures on this page. I've chosen to keep them large, both in screen and file size, to try to preserve quality. Sorry about the loading time!

Shot of the river about 20m from the house, you can also see the picnic table and the remains of an open fire.

View from near the verandah on the side of the house opposite to the river.

The road just outside the front gate.

Random shot taken from a car window.

Random car shot #2

Halfway up the driveway, saying hello to a cautious cow. Taken approx 7:30am

The grape fields across the road from the front gate. Taken approx 7:30am, if you look very carefully you might be able to see the moon just above the tallest tree.

Turn around 180 degrees and this is what you see - the driveway and the house (just). Again taken at about 7:30am.

Another early morning shot showing the sun rising. The river is just to the right out of shot.

Probably my favourite one, a closeup of the river that runs in a "U" shape next to the house.