Many people have asked what this photo is. It is actually a test of a nuclear waste receptacle, to see if the core remains intact in the event of an accident - in this case a semi trailer colliding with a train locomotive. (!!) You can see the bright orange receptacle flying upwards in this picture. I found it when I was doing research on nuclear accidents, but unfortunately I don't know the exact site I got it from...

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Hmmm. Which one am I?

Welcome to my home page. Time for a change again, so I'm rewriting parts of my site to be a little more current, and hopefully a little more interesting. I'm also trying to settle on a reasonably consistent look over the entire site.

On Wednesday 13th October 1999 the site moved to a different computer, and I didn't bother to transfer the logs over. This means that the site statistics start over from this date.

To see a higher resolution picture of me, select 'More about me'.

More about me - who I am and what I do.
Decaying and disappearing historical sites - Photo essay site with historical information where available.
Painted laptop - what happens when you go crazy with a can of spray paint.
Chat with the Sensation Bot - entertaining chat with a computer! Warning, can be offensive.
Search engine referrals - What people type into search engines to arrive at this web site.
Restless wandering - some pictures of places I've travelled. Now contains random image feature. Last update: July 2000
Interesting links - a list of interesting, witty and just plain bizarre web sites.
Electronic circuits - a small collection of various electronics circuits.
About MoonRock - lots of you come here to find out about MoonRock, a BASIC like language and compiler
Simple Little Compiler - a very simple C/BASIC style compiler intended to be as portable as possible
My other programs - some other programs I've written
Email me - send an email to me (spam cladding present)
Generate a random "olde style" insult - do this a few times to see how it generates them
Show the junk your browser spits out - how much a typical WWW site sees about you and your setup

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