Some photos from Andie's visit to Australia...

Andie visited Australia recently, and had time in her busy schedule to get together with a few of the Melbourne #newbies. She's been busy in other states too, but that's another story entirely. ;-)

Rowan, Andie, Fangbane. This is at the flower clock in St Kilda Road, just South of Melbourne city. This photo has deliberately been distorted to protect the innocent(tm).
Grug, Lolak, Rowan, Andie, Randy, XnTrek. Another day, another meet. This rather shifty looking gang were observed by our spies in a lane off Lygon Street, on the Northern fringes of Melbourne city. Do not approach any of these people under any circumstances!

Both these photos were taken by [Morph], a mysterious and secretive creature that as yet appears to have avoided all attempts at capture.