Redesdale - July 2000

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Turpins Falls revisited

We've been to these falls before, but when we returned this time we found that there was quite a bit more water, and there were now 2 streams going over the edge.

At the top of the falls, looking towards the edge.

At the top of the falls, looking over the edge to the pool below. Remember, it's actually a large drop to the bottom! (See pool level pictures below.)

At the top of the falls, looking back towards the source of the water.

This looks like the remains of a water pump connected to a mineral spring. The rusty coloured stains mark the path that the water has travelled, out of the hole just below the pump. There is still a small trickle of water coming out of the hole.

On the way down to pool level - 2 streams this time!

At pool level, showing the 2 streams of water. The shutter speed was about 1 second for this shot.

Detail of the larger stream.

We went for a wander after the falls and found this old bluestone hut nearby.

Some more current images of Turpin's Falls from Fading Victoria:
(Also includes surrounding areas such as Malmsbury, Redesdale etc.)

1. Top of Turpin's Falls - Langley, Victoria, Australia
2. It's a long way to the top - Langley, Victoria, Australia
3. Pool at Turpin's Falls - Langley, Victoria, Australia

Metcalfe Cascades

Metcalfe is about 20 mins drive from Redesdale. The Cascades are just past Metcalfe, down a short dirt road. They are an interesting set of rocks and water paths. Some of the rocks also have pools in them.

Long shot from near the parking area.

Another long shot over at the far right.

On the rocks. Note the pools of water inside the rock.

On the rocks, looking back towards the source of the water.


Taradale is a couple of towns North of Kyneton, accessable via the Calder Highway. We actually came from the other side, exploring some roads after we visited the Cascades.

A railway bridge in the distance. At this stage I wasn't sure if the road we were on lead to it, so I decided to take a photo here.

These two trees were planted to mark a special event, which from memory was the marriage of royalty. The railway bridge is directly to the right, just out of shot.

Underneath the railway bridge. This is still in use. Note the speed sign to the left of the picture, which is the main part of Taradale.

House at Redesdale

This is Brooke's parents holiday house, located in Redesdale.

A cold morning, looking down the driveway.

The sunset, looking across the driveway.

Trying out our new tent, it looks quite small and saggy here (I hadn't pegged it properly), but I can easily stand up in the back section.

River near house

The Campaspe River runs just near the house, and you can walk beside it for about a kilometre before being confronted by a large patch of grass as tall as a human. We decided to turn back rather than chance it through the grass, or trespass on the land next to it to get around it.

Just next to the river, nice and grassy.

The bank on the other side looks very interesting, unfortunately there's no easy way to get over there from where we were. At this point we were a fair way above the river.

Detail of the river from the same location.